Imminence – This Is Goodbye (2017) [24bit 44.1khz FLAC]

IMMINENCE began as a music project, the fall of 2009, with roots in the melodic death metal genre. The project was founded by guitarist Harald Barrett in the southernmost part of Sweden. Shortly after, Eddie Berg joined on vocals. In late February 2010, guitarist Alex Arnoldsson joined the group. Simultaneously a decision was made, the band were to be called IMMINENCE. By this time they had slowly started to leave the original genre, melodic death metal, and begun breaking new ground. With a more open-minded character, new influences were gathered from a variety of different genres. The sound created was far more unique, and the quality of the music became more atmospheric, dynamic and powerful than before. Six months later IMMINENCE entered the studio for the first time and recorded their first demo.
01. Imminence – This Is Goodbye.flac
02. Imminence – Diamonds.flac
03. Imminence – Broken Love.flac
04. Imminence – Coming Undone.flac
05. Imminence – Up.flac
06. Imminence – Daggers.flac
07. Imminence – Cold as Stone.flac
08. Imminence – Keep Me.flac
09. Imminence – Not a Rescue.flac
10. Imminence – Ivory Black.flac
11. Imminence – Desert Place.flac
12. Imminence – Diamonds (Acoustic).flac
13. Imminence – Keep Me (Acoustic).flac
14. Imminence – This Is Goodbye (Acoustic).flac

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