Toyohiko Satoh – Iki [Hi-Res 24bit 96khz FLAC]

Artist: Toyohiko Satoh
Title: Iki
Year Of Release: 2020
Label: Carpe Diem
Genre: Classical
Quality: 24bit-96kHz FLAC (tracks+booklet)
Total Time: 58:41
Total Size: 1.10 GB
Japanese lutenist, composer and tea master Toyohiko Satoh presents his final solo work on Carpe Diem Records, featuring his famous original baroque lute made in 1611 by Laurentius Greiff in southern Germany.
Now aged 75, the old master delivers his definite interpretation of the French baroque lute repertoire by linking it to the Japanese aesthetics of "Iki", which roughly translates into a style of elegant and highly sophisticated understatement. His approach to this music is unique, deeply personal and spiritual in that he searches only for the core of the music, without getting distracted by outer form or musical convention. "Iki" is the silent, unagitated final masterpiece of a musical career that now lasts for more than half a century.
From the liner notes: "there is a tale about Murata Jukō, a man known as the founder of the Japanese tea ceremony. He was making tea in his dingy little hut when a curious samurai passed by and tried to get a glimpse inside. The samurai then noticed that an extremely expensive horse was tied outside the hut. Inside was a frugal looking man sitting by himself, just making tea."
Toyohiko Satoh, baroque lute (Greiff 1611)
Recorded at Kirishima Concert Hall, Kagoshima, Japan, 2018
1. Suite in A Major: I. Allemande (La pompe funèbre) (4:52)
2. Suite in A Major: II. Courante (La pleureuse) (4:32)
3. Suite in A Major: III. Sarabande (3:04)
4. Suite in A Major: IV. Canarie (La chèvre) (3:18)
5. Suite in A Minor: I. Prelude (2:22)
6. Suite in A Minor: II. Allemande (3:25)
7. Suite in A Minor: III. Courante (2:01)
8. Suite in A Minor: IV. Sarabande (2:04)
9. Suite in A Minor: V. Gigue (2:17)
10. Les larmes de Fresneau (4:02)
11. Suite in A Major: I. Prelude (1:56)
12. Suite in A Major: II. Tombeau (3:34)
13. Suite in A Major: III. Courante (2:03)
14. Suite in A Major: IV. Sarabande (2:37)
15. Suite in A Major: V. Gigue (2:18)
16. Suite in C Minor: I. Tombeau de madame pavane (3:12)
17. Suite in C Minor: II. La deliberée courante (1:52)
18. Suite in C Minor: III. La bergère sarabande (2:59)
19. Suite in C Minor: IV. La libertine canarie (2:42)
20. Suite in C Minor: V. La belle espagnole chaconne (3:40)

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