China Crisis – Working with Fire and Steel (Possible Pop Songs Volume Two) 1983[

A bit fiery for most in the new romantic camp during the early 80s, China Crisis was inspired by similar sources but injected their pop songs with occasional political commentary and bluesy, reggae rhythms. Mostly a duo of vocalist/keyboard player Gary Daly and guitarist Eddie Lundon, the group formed in 1979 near Liverpool. The first China Crisis single, African and White, didnt appear until 1982, but it was quickly picked up by Virgin and made the British charts. Realizing they needed a proper band, Daly and Lundon recruited bassist Gazza Johnson and drummer Kevin Wilkinson, and recorded their debut album Difficult Shapes & Passive Rhythms. Another single, Christian, hit number 12, followed by two singles from second album, Working with Fire and Steel Possible Pop Songs, Vol. 2.
Working With Fire And Steel
When The Piper Calls
Hanna Hanna
Animals In Jungles
Here Comes A Raincloud
Wishful Thinking
Tragedy And Mystery
The Gates Of Door To Door
The Soul Awakening

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