TEARS OF JOY Ikumi Ogasawara DSD512 | 22.6MHz/1bit

Tears of Joy is the first solo album from pianist Ikumi Ogasawara. It includes 10 of her most popular original compositions. Listening to the album, you will discover why she is a highly regarded melody maker.

This album was originally recorded in Stereo at DXD 384kHz and is made available to our listeners at that DXD bit rate (24 bit, 384 kHz) in the Native DSD Music store (rather than the more traditional DXD 24 bit, 352.8kHz format).

“Tears of Joy puts the voiceless voices of my inner-soul onto melodies with my piano. In this album, I rearranged some of my favorite compositions into piano tunes. Each tune reflects the images and messages of my inner-soul.

I created these melodies with the piano, my best friend from my childhood. With her, I can freely express my sincere feelings in the most honest way.

Today’s world is full of uncertainty and anxiety. We all have to face them and live on. But stop a while and take a look around. Beyond daily hustles and challenges, you will see the world, full of wonders and beautiful sceneries. They heal our souls and inspire our hopes for the future.

It is my pleasure, if the music of my inner images can help inspire you and give a bit of courage to take a step forward and move on.”

Ikumi Ogasawara
February 2019



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